Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Federal Negative Cash Flow September 2016

With three months left in the calendar year I don't think it will be hard to get back to the 2013 amount of negative cash flow.

Calendar year in billions of dollars.  2016 is January through September.

                                                         "fiscal stimulus"          neg. cash flow
              neg. cash         tax             neg. cash flow            plus tax receipts =
                  flow         receipts         as % of tax receipts    total gov't spending

2016         651,008      2,157,797          30.2%                         2,808,805
2015         780,444      2,803,236          27.8%                         3,583,680
2014         789,467      2,660,454          29.7%                         3,449,921
2013         919,238      2,456,383          37.4%                         3,375,621
2012      1,209,786      2,233,516          54.2%                         3,443,302
2011      1,197,721      2,082,137          57.5%                         3,279,858

Negative cash flow from the Treasury Department Debt to the Penny:

Tax receipts from the Treasury Department Daily Statements

I am using daily debt and daily tax receipts as a way to avoid dealing with the budgeting peculiarities and machinations of government financial statements.  My figures can be very different from the budget financial statements.  One really good thing is there is little lag time in reporting.

I am using a calendar year because I want to and it co-insides with presidential terms.

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