Friday, April 7, 2017

March Jobs Report

Every year there is a job cycle.  Christmas season is peak employment.  November actually.  Every January there is a massive drop off in the number of jobs.  It has been running about 1.5 million jobs lost every January since 2011.  Then there is the climb back up to a new employment peak in November again.

The chart below shows lines for Januaries, Februaries, and Marches.  Marches are still negative from Januaries' drop off but a lot of jobs have been created by March.  Here is the number of jobs lost in recent Marches from the previous peak in November.

2017    -361,000
2016    -313,000
2015    -308,000
2014    -339,000
2013    -280,000
2012    -231,000
2011    -362,000

It is on the high side this year.  If there is a serious slowdown in job growth, which you can see there has been a mild one by the high March loss number compared to 2015 and 2016, such slowdown will probably be revealed in April.

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